Räbinä, Pasi The Print of Beauty


A stage costume is designed intentionally, which focuses in and frames the identity of a person. Simultaneously, the costume corroborates the content of the performance, the subject matter and the entity. Stage costumes may deceive the spectators: what appears to be real from the perspective of the audience might in actuality be something else. Painted, printed and dyed costumes enable us to examine the illusion of stage costumes as a mood from a certain era, style or costume.


The Print of Beauty was written out of the necessity to present modern and up-to-date work methods and techniques in creating unique fabrics. The objective of the book is to add and share knowledge of the possibilities offered by printing and dyeing fabrics for the design of stage costumes and, furthermore, to develop these techniques and methods to meet the needs within the performative arts.


The abundant illustrations in the book present costume designer Pasi Räbina’s stage costumes and fabrics from the past thirty years. Räbinä has consistently developed various techniques to shape materials and he has, thus, reached a signature style where the fabrics themselves become interesting.

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