Jääskeläinen, Kari Strategic Questions in the Development of Interactive Television


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The aim of this research was to identify questions that a person developing interactive television programs could ask himself. As a result of this study a set of useful questions in the planning of six different ITV genres could be identified. These genres were ITV advertising, computer game type of ITV applications, News on Demand applications, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), distance learning applications and background information for TV programs. Many interesting results were discovered. The following three questions were found important for all genres: 1) How can we make the program aesthetically appealing as possible? 2) How can we make the program visually compelling? 3) What type of an interface should the program have? A surprising result was that the following central questions in film industry were not considered important for any of the ITV genres: 1) How can we have a three act structure in the program? 2) How can we arrange a happy ending for the program? The identified sets of questions are expected to provide a good starting point for a person developing a program in the respective genre.

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