Kosonen, Krista Finding One's Own Way in Design
Reflections on Narrative Professional Identity


The question of how to find one’s own way touches the life of each of us. This question is closely linked to our identity, especially when something changes in our lives and questions our prevailing view of ourselves.

Finding one’s own way illustrates how designers have sought to navigate their life in design. The study builds on individual stories that are viewed through narrative identity research — design entrepreneurs’ and design students’ visual and spoken narratives and creative process reports, recounting some of the most significant experiences that have influenced their life paths. These stories show how one’s ‘own way’ is shaped by different beliefs, obstacles and successes, turning points and creative crises.

The research provides novel insights for designers, design students, researchers and educators — indeed anyone who is eager to dive into identity reflection and gain a better understanding of how to both find and create one’s own way in design.

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