Laitinen, Kari; Moilanen Tuula; Tanttu Antti The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking
Woodblock printmaking with oil-based inks and the Japanese watercolour woodcut


Woodblock printmaking is one of the most traditional methods of printmaking, as well as one of the most fascinating. The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking is a practical encyclopaedia on the subject, providing detailed information on inks, paper, blocks, tools, tool sharpening and techniques. Richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs and drawings depicting materials, the process and works of art. Mounting, framing and proof marking are also covered. Hands-on exercises will encourage the beginner and inspire the more experienced to experiment. In addition to Western printmaking with oil-based inks, the book also covers in detail the Japanese watercolour technique and its applications to Western materials. Written by Tuula Moilanen, a Japan-based graphic artist, the section is a fascinating, useful read opening new vistas on the world of woodblock printmaking. 2nd Edition (2013)

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