Mäkelä, Maarit (ed.) Ceramics and its Dimensions
Shaping the Future


European ceramics traditions and cultures are facing challenges, many of them linked to the recent development of digital technology that is changing the rules of our everyday life as well as all aspects of trade.

The publication shares, shows and discusses the ideas and processes that have evolved during the project Ceramics and its Dimensions and the related sub-project Shaping the Future. The sub-project began with a workshop on the premises of the KAHLA Porcelain factory in Germany gathering together international team of students, teachers and other stakeholders with the aim of exploring the material of ceramics and the associated new technologies. These experiments resulted in diverse new ceramic pieces yet even more important were the shared experiences and ideas that gave birth to new creative processes.

The articles of the publication discuss the topics of design, education, 3D printing and food. The publication includes also a catalogue of the works that are on display in a touring exhibition Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future. The aim of the publication is to challenge and reposition the role of ceramics and its future.

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