Raami, Asta Intuition Unleashed
On the application and development of intuition in the creative process


Intuition Unleashed discusses designers’ intuitive experiences and the process of intuiting. Intuition is an integral part of human thinking and one of the most important creative tools among designers. In complex cognitive tasks, such as creating and problem solving, the role of intuition is fundamental.

This study searches for a shared discussion on intuition between the different fields of design, as well as between design and other scientific domains. Through this, the work aims to build as broad an understanding of intuition and intuiting as possible. The book also introduces some pedagogical applications related to the reliability of intuition and intuition development.

The author and Aalto University are to be commended for addressing and supporting the exploration of a challenging and difficult subject of interdisciplinary and practical value to research, education, and practice in many fields.” – Charles Burnette, PhD, FAIA, Independent Researcher

This path-breaking study demonstrates how intuition is an important mode of knowing, and a necessary part of the creative and the thinking processes. It also shows that intuition is a capacity that can be effectively developed. Previous psychological and medical research has run its course in viewing the human mind as though it were governed by mechanical laws of nature. This work offers new possibilities for the study of the arts, design, education, management and more generally for understanding the human mind.” – Marja-Liisa Honkasalo, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Turku

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