Hakuri, Markku (ed.) Place or Space


At its best, environmental art can produce surprising combinations that enable visible reality and the experiencer's state of mind together to open up new pathways towards consciousness and understanding.

The book tells the story of places, spaces and situations that the writers encoutnered when reflecting on the potential of art as a provider of social commentary, and as a shaper or a challenger of the visual appearance of our environment. It has led them to discuss, for example, the prevalence and visibility of new technology in our environment, the abolition of boundaries between the work of art and the audience, and the shifting of the viewer's position from being an observer to being a participant in the artistic process. The book also deals with the diversity of methods in teaching the environmental art - learning by doing, experiential knowledge - set agains the background of the student's invidiual world view, and the interaction with other arts and sciences.

The book is also available in Finnish Paikka vai tila

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