Rapo, Jukka & Rotko, Lauri See the Baltic Sea


SEE THE BALTIC SEA is a photography book in which the Baltic Sea plays the main role. The sea is presented from two different perspectives by two different photographers: the underwater pictures by Jukka Rapo show the sea in its full grace and ugliness, while Lauri Rotko’s landscape pictures address the relationship between people and the sea. Lauri Rotko and Jukka Rapo have photographed the Baltic Sea in each of its coastal states. The aim of this project is to create a better perception of our common sea. The goal is also to encourage people to stop and think about the fate of the sea, and understand the individual responsibility we all have for it. The creators of this book believe the sea can be saved. 20 per cent of the book’s profit will be donated to the Baltic Sea Action Group, to be used in the conservation of the Baltic Sea. BSAG is an independent foundation, working to overcome the challenges created by eutrophication, dangerous substances, and maritime traffic in the Baltic Sea. Musta Taide 4/2013

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