Arnkil, Harald Colours in the Visual World


Colours are all around us and they affect our daily lives, but what exactly are they and what is their function? A closer look at colours raises many questions: Can colour be measured? How does changing illumination affect the perception of colours? What is colour harmony? Do colours affect our emotions? Colours in the Visual World provides answers to these and other questions. It inspires the reader to discover and creatively use colour by tapping artistic knowledge and recent findings of perceptual science. Colours in the Visual World is a resource of colour facts and phenomena for students of art, design, and architecture, as well as all those interested in the world of colour. The book is based on the author’s over 20 years of experience in teaching, researching and creating with colour. Each chapter includes assignments that serve as a starting point for independent study and experimentation. A glossary helps to clarify colour concepts and terminology. Harald Arnkil was trained as a painter in the Finnish Academy of Fine Art. He has published many articles on the perception and experience of colour. Since 1990 Arnkil has worked as a lecturer and researcher of colour in the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

"This book is handsomely produced in quality materials and book artisanship. - -  It stirs enthusiasm for the subject unlike any book produced in recent memory as the best reference to come along in a while to broadly cover the current status of the field. It should be a companion to any collection as a necessary general reference on colour research and knowledge, and a must for the colour educator." Color Research and Application Volume 41, Issue 1

The book is also available in Finnish Värit havaintojen maailmassa

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