Anneli Hujala, Sari Rissanen & Susann Vihma (eds.) Designing Wellbeing in Elderly Care Homes


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What is it like to live or work in an elderly care home? What does a look at its design reveal about wellbeing? Designing Wellbeing in Elderly Care Homes questions conventional understandings of wellbeing issues. The book is based on the work of researchers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the UK, aiming to bring to the fore crucial themes concerning the construction of wellbeing in elderly care. "Design" refers in particular to the planning of concrete physical environments for care, but widens its scope to include its necessary interplay with the design of organizations. Moreover, the book addresses relevant topics in managing wellbeing, discussing issues such as active aging, homelikeness, organizational aesthetics, multiculturalism and positive psychology. By presenting examples from empirical studies in the Nordic countries together with theoretical reflections, the book makes a versatile contribution to wellbeing discourses on the extremely important topic of elderly care.

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