Andrea Coyotzi Borja In the Middle of Things
On Researching the Infraordinary


What is the infraordinary? This research proposes the question not as an interrogative subject, but rather to raise the possibility and purposeful search, and re-search, of the phenomenon.
It delves into the processes through which the infraordinary becomes visible and inquires about the dynamics present in this process.

Researching the infraordinary phenomenon brings forward the opportunity to observe and dwell on different facets of everyday life and to re-consider our relationship with our daily lives. What do we encounter, and what do the things we find say about our everyday lives, our contexts, the place we live, the supermarkets, the social dynamics, and the politics of it?

To inquire about the infraordinary is not an action delimited by the pursuit of an answer but an opportunity to engage with what surrounds us. A chance to take a moment, to look around and discover all that is already there speaking to us.

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