Kirsi Peltonen & Taneli Luotoniemi (Eds.) Shapes in Action
Interdisciplinary views on Mathematics together with Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University


Shapes in Action is a book for all those interested in interdisciplinary research and education. It showcases explorations in the realms of mathematics, art, design and architecture at Aalto University in Finland.
For a decade, Aalto Math&Arts has been a platform for students and teachers from diverse fields to broaden their understanding of the nature of mathematics and its potential relation to arts, design and architecture. Shapes in Action captures the challenges and rewards of seeking a common language and building collaboration.
Contributions by various authors offer insights into the connections between mathematics and arts – both within and beyond academia. Shapes in Action is richly illustrated with photographs showcasing the works created by students in the Aalto Math&Arts courses.

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