Anna Jensen Encyclopedia of In-Betweenness
An exploration of a collective artistic research practice


Encyclopedia of In-Betweenness presents art as a socially prominent phenomenon that is always in a state of becoming. It suggests that art is on the front line of perceiving new emerging ideas and ideologies while it also impacts and creates them. This means that art is obliged to seek what we, in fact, cannot yet know.

Mapping the entanglements of the contemporary art world the thesis provides new perspectives on the relational nature of our being and documents a turn in the contemporary art world: how collective practices, site-specific and process-led approaches have emerged from the margins to the mainstream. The thesis presents how collective art projects can function as research platforms providing new knowledge and places for encounters and uses exhibition-making and curating as methods.

The form of the dissertation – an encyclopedia – is part of the methodology. The thematically color-coded entries map the current discourses, but they also point out the hierarchical conception of knowledge itself.

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