Kirsi Niinimäki & Julia Lohmann (Eds.) BioColours
Sustainable stories from nature, lab and industry


The circular economy is essential because of the earth’s capacity to carry and its limited resources. Promoting it also requires the introduction of new products and production methods. The safety of many products can be promoted by switching to bio-based dyes that are safe for humans and the environment.

BioColours presents the latest bio-based dyes, their production, the use of plants and mushrooms, the relationship between man and nature in general. The editors of the book are Professor Kirsi Niinimäki and Professor Julia Lohmann from Aalto University. Professor Kirsi Niinimäki was awarded the State Design Award in 2022 for her work on promoting sustainable development and circular economy in the textile and fashion sectors.

The authorship of articles in the book includes e.g. Riikka Räisänen (University of Helsinki), Harold Freeman (North California State University USA), Gisela Umbuzeiro (University of Campinas, Brasil), Carole Collet (Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London UK) and many others.

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