Outi Turpeinen (ed.) Unfolding the Public Art at Aalto University


What is the role of a public art collection in a university context? How does art impact teaching, research, and well-being? The art works in the Aalto University Campus buildings and outside areas form a unique and inspiring art collection. The art works focus on societally vital topics, such as gender balance, sexuality, sustainability, quantum physics, reflection, growth, materiality, beauty, and beyond.

In this book, international top academic writers review the art collection through specific themes including how art encourages business studies or can public art be provocative. The book is richly illustrated with citations by the artists and anonymous comments by the users of the university spaces.

The book unfolds in layers the processes of public art with facts and stories. Look at the pictures, read the citations, dwell on the articles and research more from the literature lists! This book is a must for art lovers and people who want to develop the use of public spaces.

The book is available as an Open Access e-book both as a PDF-like fixed-layout version and as a scalable, reflowable version.

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