Hella Hernberg Architects as 'Mediators'
Socio-political roles in mediating the 'temporary use' of vacant spaces


‘Mediators’ are increasingly seen as necessary actors in enabling and developing ‘temporary uses’ of vacant spaces – such as adapting empty offices, hospitals or industrial spaces for artists, entrepreneurs or residents. Despite the recent proliferation of temporary uses in many cities of the Global North, they face complex challenges in practice.


The thesis investigates mediation as an example of architectural work moving beyond building design towards managing socio-politically engaged processes, as part of sustainable urban development.


As a cross-cutting finding, Hella Hernberg's thesis articulates three roles for mediators in temporary use: mediators broker the collaboration and partnerships between actors, negotiate structural conditions and build capabilities for temporary use. Overall, the thesis highlights socio-political aspects of professional work concerning urban development today. Hence, it provides relevant knowledge for municipalities and practitioners aiming to advance sustainable, inclusive and adaptable forms of urban development. 

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