Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen The Making of Inspiration
From Monet to Warhol and beyond


Every practitioner yearns for inspiration. It fuels the creative process with desire and motivation. However, it seems unclear what inspiration exactly is and where it comes from. The sources of inspiration, from the practitioners’ point of view, have not been extensively researched within the fields of art and design. 


This study traces how consciously selected sources of inspiration influence the creative process and its outcome. It investigates specifically the relationship between the practitioner and the source of inspiration, the differences between inspiration and copying, and the idea of shared authorship. 


The centre of this study lies in a collaboration-like relationship between the practitioner and sources of inspiration. Even without spoken words, sources can speak to a practitioner who has learnt to listen to them. Often these relationships can endure for many years – even a lifetime.


Artistic components of this study consists of numerous artefacts in ceramics, glass, and textile. These artefacts are presented as a catalogue at the end of this book.


Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen (1976) is a Finnish multidisciplinary artist, designer, and researcher.

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