Hautamäki, Ranja (toim.); Mannerla-Magnusson, Meri (toim.); Helander, Vilhelm; Girot, Christophe; Fricker, Pia; Stokman, Antje; Iisakkila, Leena; Ruokonen, Ria; Jørgensen, Karsten. LANDMARK30 Orientations in landscape architecture
Quo Vadis Architectura? 9


The Finnish landscape architecture degree programme celebrated its thirtieth anniversary by organising the fifteenth Nils Erik Wickberg symposium at Aalto University in 2019.

In this publication, six invited speakers give insights into landscape architecture. Professor Christophe Girot discusses computational methodologies and challenges us to explore the landscape with new technologies. Professor Antje Stokman reflects on the co-design of urban waters as blue commons. Professor Karsten Jørgensen recalls the establishment of landscape architecture education and its one-hundred-year evolution. Honorary doctor Leena Iisakkila reflects on the beginnings of Finnish landscape architecture education through her path as a teacher. Landscape architect Ria Ruokonen delineates the trend of the profession with illustrative examples of her design projects. Professor Emeritus Vilhelm Helander portrays Professor Nils Erik Wickberg, an influential architectural scholar whose endowment allows Aalto University to organise annual symposia on varying topics.

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