Annu Wilenius Nomadic Science Fiction
Experiencing Diversity And Alterity Through Urbanising Mongolia


Nomadic Science Fiction is a travel book and a Bildungsroman. What started as a personal adventure with a few friends developed into a decade-long series of cultural encounters, ethnographic studies, artworks, exhibitions, publications, residencies, and transdisciplinary exchanges between Western countries and Mongolia.

The book narrates the experience of travelling in strange lands and inhabiting different roles in the world of artistic production. It gives an account of nomadism and urbanization in Mongolia, as seen by an artist, a curator and a researcher. For Wilenius “Mongolian elegance” refers to the fluid life patterns that create wonderful practical and aesthetic compositions in an infinite universe of new possibilities. Both nomadism and science fiction lead to radical alterity and hybridity: towards acceptance of unsurmountable difference and strangeness in others and in oneself. “Things come together in the most unexpected ways and suddenly they make ‘perfect sense’ and thus great works of art and great exhibitions come to being.”


The book was intended as Annu Wilenius’ (1974 - 2020) doctoral thesis for the Department of Art of Aalto University. 

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