Maria Karyda Data-agents
Envisaging Meaningful Representations of Personal Data as Part of Everyday Life


The huge amounts of personal information that people produce daily has encouraged them to engage with their data in creative ways through visualizations or even physicalizations of their personal data. In this context, the act of sense-making is one of several challenges that arise when investigating the emotional and temporal qualities of personal data through an experience-centric lens. This is because the way in which people make sense of data and the way in which they make meaning out of data are primarily personal challenges, and hence, complex to unravel.

In this thesis, Maria Karyda focuses on meaningfulness, the part of meaning-making that relates to feelings. Through different projects, Karyda has aimed to discover forms, functionalities, and spaces that meaningful repre-sentations of personal data could inhabit in everyday life. Using an expansive Research through Design approach, Karyda builds on the concept of data-objects, which are affective physicalizations of personal data that resemble everyday objects in appearance. The data-objects presented in this thesis are intended for personal use while always considering personal data as an inherently social phenomenon.

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