Kaisa Savolainen Human-Centred Design When Direct Contact with Users Is Not Possible


Developing technologies and technological innovations is difficult and technological innovations often fail. However, user involvement has had positive effects on system success and user satisfaction and can, therefore, clearly be seen to be valuable. For decades researchers and practitioners have developed ways to get user and customer input into product and service development and this has taken place under several different study fields, such as marketing, ergonomics, ethnography, participatory design, usability, human-centred design (HCD), user experience, service design, and science and technology studies.

This dissertation focuses on HCD and inspects whether HCD can be practiced without direct contact with users and, if so, what are the practices applied. These situations are quite common in organisational settings, and they can occur due to several reasons, such as not having enough time or other resources, too strict confidentiality issues or the user group cannot be contacted.

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