Bart Vandeput (Bartaku) Baroa belaobara: berryapple


This monograph speaks about an art practice that addresses a plant while following signals from a plantation in Latvia. Through five passages the reader is becoming part of a growing-in-making mixing of bacteria, breath, bone china, ether, soil, linen, light, anthocyanins, brain reader, electricity,  pH, plant(ation), presence, and mulberry paper.


An enquiry into the renaming of the plantation plant into Baroa belaobara crystalizes into a taxonomic breath-wording protocol. Experiments in creating a new shape for the dominant botanical name touch upon photobiological, gene-editing and hidden plantation protocols. Plant colorants as light-to-electric agency in a glass solar panel painting entangle with JMW Turner´s Snow Storm. Performative happening protocols reveal hidden designs of a brain reader that transform into ceramic sculptures. They describe as well ways to create gifts for a crocodilian wheat grain and a prime minister of a country turned into a plantation. 


In BerryBabe detailed descriptions of experimentations, interventions, collaborative making-thinking processes sliding through art, science, craft and philosophy, provide an insight in how plant signals – when taken seriously – play into poetic commenting on the big, the small and the in between.

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