Ira Verma Housing Design for All?
The challenges of ageing in urban planning and housing design - The case Helsinki


Population ageing and urbanisation are global trends. Changing demographics in cities create new challenges for housing design and urban planning, as more people with mobility and sensory limitations will live at home in the future. Ira Verma's study explores the living environment from the point of view of the older population through three case studies. Qualitative methods used in the study provide in-depth knowledge on the built environment supporting everyday life at old age.

There is still little research evidence in the field of architecture on Age-Friendly neighborhood design. Ira Verma's doctoral thesis provides new insights on this timely topic for architects, planners and other specialists who provide services for older people in cities.

A mix of land use, access to local services and a walking friendly environment enhance mobility and independence at old age. Moreover, results show that older people choose local services that are the most accessible ones. Anticipating population aging by applying Universal Design to neighborhood design may empower the older population and allow them to remain active in their community.

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