Infrastructuring for Cultural Commons Marttila, Sanna

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History is a vital part of our future. Having meaningful access to and influence on our cultural heritage is key to democratic and self-reflective development of society.

In Infrastructuring for Cultural Commons, Sanna Marttila studies how participatory design and digital design endeavors can contribute to wider public engagement with digital cultural heritage. The work offers strategies for how to support and stimulate creative reuse endeavors of professionals and citizens alike by elaborating on open, democratic and collective processes of designing together.

Sanna Marttila is a design researcher and open culture activist. Sanna’s interests includes open and collaborative design, and creative reuse of digital cultural heritage. She is the initiator of the AvoinGLAM network, and also works with Creative Commons and Open Knowledge Finland.

  • ISBN: 978-952-60-7778-9
  • Julkaisuajankohta/vuosi: 2018
  • Sivumäärä: 227
  • Koko (leveys x korkeus): 176 x 250
  • Sidosasu: pehmeäkantinen, liepeet, liimanidottu
  • Värillisyys: nelivärikuvitus