Eva Durall Gazulla Reflection and Self-Regulation Using Monitoring Tools in Learning
Critical Design Exploration on Self-Monitoring During Independent Study


This doctoral dissertation used a research-based design approach to explore the opportunities and
challenges of using monitoring tools in learning. Although the practice of monitoring is considered
key in the acquisition of important learning skills, such as self-regulation, monitoring tools are still
an emerging technology in teaching and learning.
While researchers and practitioners have started exploring how to use monitoring tools for
teaching and learning, little attention has been dedicated to critical issues regarding the adoption
of techno-monitoring practices in learning contexts, like the nature of data and the inferences that
are made based on them, the role of students in learning, and the conception of learning and
technology. This dissertation aims to address this research gap and provide an understanding of
the issues related to the design of monitoring tools and the adoption of techno-monitoring practices
in learning through a critical exploration of self-monitoring during independent study. To this end,
the articles included in this dissertation elaborate on the values and socio-economic discourses that
are embedded in the design of monitoring tools, on the issues related to the design process, and
on the implications that monitoring tools have for learning.

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