Simons, Tom (ed.) Quo Vadis 2015 & 2016
The Nils Erik Wickberg Lectures


 The Nils Erik Lectures were founded in 2005 to honour Nils Erik Wickberg, one of the most influential ideologists in the development of modern Finnish architecture.

   Each year distinguished scholars are invited to present a lecture in their field of expertise. Appointment as a Nils Wrik Wickberg lecturer is a recognition for outstanding achievements in the creative arts. 

   The purpose of the Nils Erik Wickberg lectures is to advance the scholarly and scientific learning related to architecture and landscape architecture. The ultimate aim is to enrich the debate on architecture and the related arts in Finland. The lectures are published in a volume called Quo Vadis Architectura? after a seminal article that Nils Erik Wickberg wrote immediately after the ending of the tragical  World War II in 1946.

   Five volumes have been published. This present volume number 6 presents the lectures of 2015 and 2016. We were fortunate to be able to have with us two outstanding scholars in architecture and landscape architecture, Kenneth Frampton and Marc Trieb. Both are devoted friends of Finland.

   Two additional contributions are  Marja-Liisa Norri’s Comments on Kenneth Frampton’s lecture and Anni Vartola’s Interview with Kenneth Frampton.

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