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Learning Interprofessional Design Practice in Creative Sustainability


Sustainable development as an interprofessional context for design and planning challenges not only the conventional roles and expertise, but also the understanding on sustainability itself. When introduced into the contemporary academic context, this interplay extends gradually also to everyday practices in learning, teaching and management, and calls for further reflection on how the roles and activities are set to support it. However, if properly conceived, such new area of interaction can act as a powerful mechanism to renew academic and professional practice.


This book studies the initiation and implementation of Creative Sustainability: a new interprofessional Master’s degree program in Aalto University, Finland. By focusing into the first five years of operation (20102015), this research identifies three phases in activities  of priming, implementation and experiencing  that need to be connected together in a transparent and iterative circle. As analytic components, these phases can be of help in identifying and overcoming conflicts in the interaction and management of interprofessional study programs in design for sustainability.

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