Glass Can Be Recycled Forever


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With the continuing increase in the consumption of electronic equipment, a growing number of devices is reaching their end-of-life stage. This raises questions on how to handle the resulting in an environmentally and economically sound manner. This dissertation discusses the possible alternatives for solving this problem in relation to one specific material, cathode ray tube glass from PC and TV monitors. The study approaches the subject matter by exploring both the existing recycling routes for glass materials and the special features related to the recycling of cathode ray tube glasses. The studied application areas in the ceramics and glass industries are evaluated in the context of a series of tests performed in the laboratory and on an industrial scale. The use of recycled glass in high-temperature applications, such as the manufacturing of ceramic and glass products, brings many environmental benefits, helping to protect the environment and to conserve natural resources for future generations.

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Siikamäki, Raija
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