Lu, Yichen Experience Goals in Designing Professional Tools
Evoking meaningful experiences at work


For most adults, work is an important part of life. Experiences at work are shaped considerably by the workplace context wherein professional tools often play a crucial role. Given this significance, this doctoral research is concerned with human flourishing at work as mediated by professional tools and work-related service touchpoints.

This dissertation concentrates on prioritizing meaningful experiences as high-level design goals in the early phase of the design process, which enables a creative approach to professional tool innovation.

Theoretically, this research utilizes the multidisciplinary lenses of positive psychology, organizational management, and possibility-driven design thinking to study experiential objectives in creative design practice. Methodologically, this dissertation investigates experience goal setting and utilization in the design projects that collaborated with the heavy industry companies. This research contributes a theory-inspired and design case-based approach to tool design for evoking meaningful experiences at work.

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