Krokfors, Karin TIme for Space
Typologically Flexible and Resilient Buildings and the emergence of the Creative Dweller


This dissertation argues that the way space is produced today threatens sustainable development in the long run. We need to go much deeper into the roots of design and production paradigms, asking ourselves how we define housing and understand buildings as socio-spatial contexts. The spatial contexts as well as people's possibility to affect their living conditions in a much more profound way than today are essential criteria for sustainability.

The promotion of resilient develpoment requires an increase in the lifespan of buildings by significantly advancing their potential to face the unpredictability of changing conditions. The concept of typological flexibility developed in the thesis highlights the need for a strategic dimension in design that understands buildings as living entities and as processes in evolutionary terms. Instead of considering pepople as objects of design, they are seen as a resource, from both individual and societal starting points. Typologically flexible buildings can allow people to create all kinds of proactive wellbeing; new mental, social and even economic capital. It celebrates the people of today, as well as future generations, as creative dwellers.

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