Tikka, Pia (ed) Culture as Organization in Early Soviet Thought
Bogdanov, Eisenstein, and the Proletkult


The anthology focuses upon a number of historical and contemporary tangent points between early Russian systemic thinking and the montage thinking that shaped the arts and culture in the early twentieth century Russia. The first was established by Aleksandr Bogdanov and cultivated by the Proletkult movement, while the latter was articulated by Sergei Eisenstein.

In addition to the historical view, the book addresses the extent to which these early systemic ideas are recycled in contemporary media arts. The discussion branches out towards a number of interlinked themes. Not only the content, but also the platform of the anthology is unique. It is published in a new interactive format inspired by Eisenstein’s idea of the “Spherical Book”, prophetically preceding hypertext far before its time. It goes beyond the traditional book form, providing the readers and authors with a playground for seeing the discourse from different angles. Start building your Spherical Book from your own thematic perspective!

Published in: Spherical Book I, Tangential Points Publication Series, Aalto University, 2016.

You can read the book here: http://crucible.org.aalto.fi/spherical/

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Tikka, Pia (ed)

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