Aakko, Maarit Fashion In-between
Artisanal design and production of fashion


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Fashion In-between looks at entrepreneurial, small-scale labels that share an artisanal approach to design and production of clothing, and an ambition for a unique aesthetic. Illustrated with case examples, this dissertation outlines the main characteristics of artisanal fashion, and discusses its significance in the current fashion environment. It also examines the artisanal designers’ multilayered skills and their centralized role in artisanal fashion houses.

Artisanal fashion embraces traditional clothes-making techniques as part of design and production processes, but it also merges fine craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. This approach highlights materiality, a resourceful use of high-quality materials, and the skillful construction of garments. The independent position of artisanal designers allows them the freedom to organize and control their operations, including design, production and business management, according to their personal philosophy and ideas.

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