Liao, Tjhien Storied Design
Narrative matters in design presentation


Presenting a design may be relatively straightforward, when it concerns an object that can be "brought into the room" for demonstration. In interaction and service design, however, the object of design typically cannot be presented this way. Rather, a disposition needs to be developed that pertains to both a designed object as well as its narrative counterpart, in order to represent the design in a particular way - its outcome being a storied design. This study proposes a theoretical framework of storied design to demonstrate and explain a trending communicative practice in interaction and service design presentation.

The empirical basis of the research is in comparative video analysis of design presentations given to a general audience. Combined with a grounded theory approach, the study identifies the act of storied designing that is drawn from and grounded in how interaction and service designers show and explain their design.

This dissertation provides novel insights for design professionals, researchers and educators alike in the face od today's trends and challenges in interaction and service design.

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