Kelly, Owen Ambient Learning and Self Authorship
Human minds, cultural tools, immersive worlds


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This thesis begins with an examination of the Marinetta Ombro project, a lengthy exercise in building a virtual culture, carried out by staff and students in Arcada, a university of applied science. Arcada's experience in Second Life revealed much about the ways people think, feel and act inside synthetic world, and about the ways in which they live their lives as narrative.

The second part of the thesis examines the implications if these findings with reference to the work of artists and writers, philosophers, theologians and neuro-scientists. It looks at how we relate to the world, where our ideas come from, what "it is like to be" us; and conculdes that, in contrast to our usual view of ourselves, "we are stories all the way down".

In the final part the author looks at how we can apply this knowledge socially and politically, in a world of ambient learning; and what tools we can build to assist us in authoring our (social) lives.

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