Tekla Inari Legacy


Musta Taide produces works also from the younger generation of artists. Legacy by Tekla Inari combines images and text to study a topic that touches the Finnish society even today: the trauma of war and the burdens inherited from one generation to the next in the post-war Finland. The poetic, collage-like work uses a young woman’s voice to narrate the harsh story of one family over several decades. Compiled of new and old photographs, poems, and short prose texts, the book interweaves the past and the present into fascinating fictive documentary. The work was awarded a quality support grant for photographic art by the Finnish National Council for the Visual Arts.

The background text was written by the author and historian Sirpa Kähkönen, and the visual appearance was designed by the graphic designer Jaakko Suomalainen, together with Inari. The book is bilingual: the texts are both in Finnish and English.

Graduated from the Aalto University Programme in Photography in 2015, Tekla Inari is a young artist who implements text and photography in her expression. In her work, she aims to harness personal stories for the exploration of larger societal themes.

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148 x 215
colour illustrations

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