Pedregal, Alejandro Film & Making Other History
Counterhegemonic narratives for a cinema of the subaltern


Film & Making Other History studies the ideas informing the creation of a potential counterhegemonic cinema. With a special emphasis on the contributions of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, the role of narrative in shaping history appears here as seminal to elaborating an alternative proposal in the fields of historical and biographical film practices.

This work covers a series of questions related to the historical representation of the subaltern and the usage of biographical forms for counterhegemonic purposes. Can alternative approaches to history make use of hegemonic forms for representing the subaltern without being absorbed by hegemony itself? This book rethinks the strategies that can be pursued to achieve this aim through the examination of cultural practices that have faced these inquiries before, such as Latin American testimonial literature and Third Cinema, as well as an analysis of Spike Lee's Malcolm X.

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