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Designing for Health Agenst in Vila Rosário


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Rio de Janeiro is one of the iconic cities of the world. Close to its famous landmarks, there is a neghbourhood, which gives its name to the Vila Rosário Institute.

Vila Rosário was the main scene in which a group of researchers - including the author - was trying to find ways of improving public health. Using several design techniques to access many aspects of life in Vila Rosário, he tried to understand the language games of local health care workers and their patients, in order to improve their relationships.

In this book, the author helps you to dive in an old but invisible universe, where many strong people search for ways to make Vila Rosário a better place to be. The members of the community wanted to improve their lives and make their dreams come true. Researchers wanted to help them achieve their aims.

Join this journey! See how everyone, with participatory and a collaborative design perspectives, can build a better world. Find out how design researchers learned to rethink life.

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