Water, photography booklet - Sssimone Gaglione


We All Live Surrounded by Art - Water (in English)

Photography booklet created by Sssimone Gaglione, part of the series "We All Live Surrounded by Art". The series includes also booklets Aurinko/Sun and Kuolema/Death, and new booklets will be published in the future. Each booklet is available in Finnish and English. This booklet is in English.

Where is art? Are we humans the only artists on this planet? What if Water, Sun, Death and Movement (between others) have always been artists, just as us humans are? We would suddenly realize that we live in a constantly open and free museum. Or in a never-ending performance. Or in an infinite work of art. All he time, everywhere, there are works of art ready to please us.

The handmade booklets belong to "We All Live Surrounded by Art", a collection with a goal to question - through a lighthearted approach - the anthropocentric perspective on art and to heal part of our relationship with the natural environment. The collection is an arbitrary and casual selection of artworks from twelve different artists: Water, Sun, Death, Movement, Darkness, Error, Earth, Time, Life, Temperature, Air and people. Publisher, bookbinder, graphic designer and curator: Sssimone Gaglione.

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