Isohanni, Tuula (ed.) WILSON meets WIRKKALA
The Story of Tapio Wirkkala Park Designed by Robert Wilson


This book tells the story of Tapio Wirkkala Park. Robert Wilson's first visit to Arabianranta acted like the conductor’s first downbeat in the process of creating the park. The chapter titles, derived from the world of music and opera, introduce readers to the place, the makers, the planning process, the working methods, and, ultimately, the park's artistic elements. The planning phase lasted for 9 years. The creation of the park involved the use of temporary on-site field rehearsals with the designer and members of a local project team. The actual construction of the park by the city of Helsinki took place during 2012. The book presents the protagonists of the piece: the artists Robert Wilson and Tapio Wirkkala. Articles on the art policy of the Helsinki Art Museum and on the percentage-for-art project in the Arabianranta residential area provide background information. The book also highlights the invisible, behind-the-scenes work that an art coordinator does in getting works of art realised. The book includes scores of photographs and collages of images, and Robert Wilson's ideas and sketches for the park. Solargraphy images of the arcs of the sky and the sun over Tapio Wirkkala Park complete the story. We hope that the value and integrity of Wilson's wonderfully inspiring artwork attract visitors to discover the park and to embrace it as their own. This book serves as a guide in this process of discovery. International retailers! The book is available from

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