Nordic now! Kragelund, Camilla; Strand, Nina; Shakya, Hannamari (toim.) Special issue of Filter, Objektiv and Photo Raw

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nordic now! features portfolios by over fifty established and upcoming Nordic artists, and zooms in on five tendencies governing of photography in the Nordic countries today. The publication includes essays by leading critics and curators from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, and interviews with representatives from Nordic institutions that support and promote photography. These are complemented by an interview with the legendary picture editor Kathy Ryan from the New York Times Magazine, who gives an outside view of Nordic contemporary photography. nordic now! is based on a seminar that took place during the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012. The publication is the result of a unique collaboration between the photo magazines Filter, Photo Raw and the art journal Objektiv, and is published by Musta Taide, which is part of Aalto University’s publishing house Aalto ARTS Books. International retailers! The book is available from

  • ISBN: 978-952-292-005-8
  • Julkaisuajankohta/vuosi: 2013
  • Sivumäärä: 262
  • Koko (leveys x korkeus): 220 x 270
  • Sidosasu: pehmeäkantinen