Traditional instruments have emerged gradually in the course of human culture. For example, the violin and the piano are based on their predecessors, but no one seems to have designed them intentionally. This book suggests another possibility: new musical instruments may also be designed on purpose. For centuries, numerous inventions have been made in the field of musical instrument building. Most of them have gone unnoticed, while only a small number have turned out to be interesting enough to gain popularity among musicians and music lovers. What are, then, the reasons for certain instruments to find their users and others to become obsolete? This book presents a new musical instrument, Sormina, and its design process. In some respects, the instrument leans on a long tradition of musical instrument building, while in other points, it has made use of totally new, even audacious thinking. In the book, the author explains his choices in the light of historical facts, but also in that of his own experience as a musician and an artist. --- Juhani Räisänen's background is in theatre, music and media art. He has graduated from the Department of Musicology of the University of Helsinki, and has also studied musical composition at the Sibelius Academy. This book is the outcome of his doctoral studies at the Aalto University School of Art and Design.

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