Small Jug - Amandine Fong


Handmade jug created by Amandine Fong.

From Ashes to... is a series of ceramic products created bu Amandine Fong. The products are glazed with a specially made glaze that contains ashes collected from Rantasauna, a wood fire sauna located on the Otaniemi Campus, and ashes from a bonfire made in Otaniemi during Vappu, a Finnish celebration that marks the beginning of summer.

The objects become manifestations and souvenirs of a time and place: Otaniemi campus, Vappu, and Rantasauna. Each piece is unique, made by hand on the potter’s wheel, and has its own perfect imperfection.

Height: 12 cm

Diameter: 7,5 cm

€35.00 / pcs

Total: €35.00


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