Niinimäki, Kirsi From Disposable to Sustainable
The Complex Interplay between Design and Consumption of Textiles and Clothing


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Designers have an important role by creating far-sighted and future-oriented sustainable design, which can change consumption behaviors towards more sustainable ones. In this way design for sustainability can be a redirective practice that aims for sustainable consumption. This dissertation examines the complex interplay between design and consumption of textiles and clothing. The study offers ways to approach sustainable design from the consumers’ viewpoint. Consumers’ environmental worries and wishes for the future are presented, and these desires, attitudes and values are viewed through the perspective of the design field and design potential. The study transfers this consumer-centered knowledge in the context of design by constructing a theoretical perspective on future sustainable textile and clothing design and new value creation. This research contributes to the academic fields of Sustainable design, Textile Design and Clothing Design. It is comprised of seven research articles.

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