Helena Sandman Empathy Matters
architecture for the world's majority


The world is urbanising rapidly, particularly in those regions where most people live. This results in sprawling, informal settlements and expansion of the built environment. To re- spond to these challenges in a sustainable way, architects and designers have an important role to play. The environ- ments and spaces that they create also shape the people who inhabit them. 

This thesis builds on findings from two architectural design projects conducted in Tanzania and India. It suggests ways for practitioners to bring actors in a design project closer to each other with the help of empathic engagement. The main conclusion is that applying a broad spectrum of em- pathy as a mindful attitude to the design process enhances horizontal collaboration. The findings support the argu- ment that empathy matters in design — it is a profound ability that we need to cherish and develop. 

Through designing with empathy, awareness and love for life, the spaces we create will support quality encounters between people.

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