Leinonen, Teemu Designing Learning Tools
Methodological Insights


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Designing Learning Tools — Methodological Insights relies on experience gained by participating in the design processes of four distinct experimental software tools that aimed to enhance learning in different contexts. The book introduces a research framework by referring to excerpts from selected theoretical and philosophical background sources relating to the design of the learning tools. By building on the framework, the book presents reflection on the design action within the four design cases and concludes with methodological insights. Designing Learning Tools — Methodological Insights offers critical and comprehensive discussion on design methodology. “Leinonen provides an excellent theoretical overview and combines learning theories together with design-process and tools.” “With this study Leinonen opens new doors for research-based design processes. As one of the forerunners in his field he has created an outstanding study which will definitely activate the research community to continue his work. “ Jarmo Viteli, Ed.D., (Computers in Education), Research Director, University of Tampere.

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