Elisa Lähde Mission Blue-Green
The Significance of Co-Creation to Promote Multifunctional Green Infrastructure within Sustainable Landscape and Urban Planning and Design in Finland


We are undeniably living in an era of enormous
environmental crisis with climate change and
species extinction as the most outstanding features
of it. These issues challenge our societal systems
and relationship with nature. In addition, more
than half of the planet’s population live in urban
areas, where environmental problems tend to
culminate and where counteractive efforts should
be concentrated. How can landscape architecture
solve these urgent issues?
This dissertation provides new scientific
knowledge concentrating on collaborative planning
and design of urban socio-ecological systems. It
presents how the co-creative processes of planning
and design of green infrastructures can be used
as a platform to increase both their multifunctionality
and the joint understanding of urban socioecological
systems as a basis of sustainability.
The book presents an accelerating model
towards sustainable social ecological systems as
a result of four case studies. The model can be
used as a concrete tool to boost co-creation in the
planning and design of multifunctional green
infrastructures that contribute to climate adaptation
and urban biodiversity.

ELISA LÄHDE is a practising landscape architect with a wide
educational background extending from regional studies and
environmental politics to landscape planning and urban design.
She has a long working experience with landscape and urban
architecture projects and is currently working in a leading position
consulting sustainability of urban development and infrastructure
projects. Elisa’s skill for effortlessly combining abstract frameworks
into practical solutions in an innovative way makes this book
an enjoyable journey into transformative urban sustainability.

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