Nimkulrat, Nithikul Paperness
Expressive Material in Textile Art from an Artist's Viewpoint


Paperness: Expressive Material in Textile Art from an Artist’s Viewpoint presents a reflective and thorough account of the process of creating material artworks from a specific material – paper string. The study utilises author and textile artist Nithikul Nimkulrat’s own creations as a vehicle for research. Material is not limited to inanimate, straightforward physical qualities but is extended to the senses of bodily movement and the animated modes of expression of someone experiencing the material. The concept of materialness signifies the totality of the creation and includes elements of form, content, context, space, and time. Paperness illustrates how artistic work can enhance and articulate knowledge. An artist adopts the role of a researcher, and the research work provides the artist-researcher with the ability to develop and understand her creative practice. Using one’s own practice as the basis of research supports a deep and detailed examination of the research question. Knowledge of craft-based art will no longer be only personal and implicit but can now be accessible and shared with other people, practitioners, educators, and researchers. Winner of the Kultahuippu Prize in series of book design 2009.

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