Gian Luigi Biagini The Anartist and its Intervention-Machines


The Anartist is a spiritual avatar, a gnostic daimon inspired by Black Bloc. The Anartist is a simulacrum than continues the line of flight of the Riot’s “symbolic violence”. This radical symbolism, remodulated by the Anartist’s action, infects the Urban Space with an event (an action-installation) which appears in the public sphere as an anomaly which folds the contradictions of that site-specific space, unfolding revelatory chaosmotic becoming outside the designed capitalist space-time. The infection of the “symbolic violence” is necessary to create a Black Screen for an intervention in Urban Space, in such a way that the action cannot be subsumed and put to work in the Capitalist System as a surplus-value of the Spectacle. The Anartist considers all the space as a flat ontology,  a univocal surface-space dominated by power-relations to subvert. in diagonal. There are margins, axiomatic centers and police in the organization of a literary text as much as in the actual urban space. This is why this uncompromising anti-dissertation can be considered also as a radical writing-intervention on the edge of the literary space of academy. Its masked objectile will interrupt the instituted process of knowledge/production based on identity, to define new tools and a new anti-epistemological cartography in the schizo-field of artistic research.

Doctoral thesis by Gian Luigi Biagini

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