Tahiroglu, M. Koray Interactive Performance Systems
Experimenting with Human Musical Interaction


The central experimental work of this dissertation addresses the idea that computer-based interactive performance systems provide an extended paradigm for musical improvisation. There has been a growing interest in new media to position music as a medium for new possibilities. A key aspect of the research undertaken in this dissertation emerges by questioning how new media and its artistic activity can be applied into practice to explore the new possibilities in music making. The aim has been to bring together the methodologies of research based on the live-practice of art and new media technologies, and to develop interactive improvisation systems for further experiences of experimental music. Throughout the dissertation, the author addresses several research topics in music technology and in new media, such as; generative music, sonification, improvisation, collective musical performance, experimental musical instruments, innovative approaches to the synthesis of sound and control strategies of multiple sound sources in an interactive context. The interdisciplinary characteristic of computer music, new media and research based on the live-practice of art resulted in increased awareness of the artistic possibilities in this research process. Thus, the dissertation presents new information on interdisciplinary collaboration in the form of strategies developed for creating interactive performance systems, the observations of their performance features, conclusions and conceptual theories. This will hopefully be useful to artists and researchers in this field. The book includes a DVD.

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